Summer Bike Ride: All The Way To North Wales!

So, we’ve got to that point of the year where we have to start thinking about our traditional, annual sunny super fun cycle ride! This year I’ve been thinking that we should definitely get ambitious and cycle all the way to North Wales! I know! Crazy right! I mean, you’ve got to remember that there are so many things to do when visiting North Wales¬†that we will most certainly not be bored when we get there. It’s a long cycle, but its a good one!¬†xBike.jpg.pagespeed.ic.OQ4L1s47wQ

So, do you think you can handle it? Do you think you can manage the great cycle of our times? Because it is upon us, it is here and it is real, it is real and it is here, and now is the time to show that your training has done you good and that you are ready now for real cycling. Well, are you? There’s only one way to find out…

If anyone has any other suggestions we do want to hear them so please get in touch!


Injury! Crisis Averted! (Thanks Liverpool Physio Man!)

Oh word I had a bad one last week. A real big one. A real crazy big bad awful one. A real disaster. A real horror story. A real painful awful nasty big bad nasty time. A big, bad, terrible bike crash. I had a bike crash. That’s what happened. A bike crash. I hurt my leg it was hurty and it hurt.

So there I was, hurt, leg hurting on the inside and on the outside. And my legs are my important things when it comes to cycling. But I have a race thing cycle time soon and want to be ready healthy for it. So I headed to a few physiotherapists but no one seemed to be able to help me out. Then I went all the way to a Liverpool Physio at The Treatment Table. And all I can say is this: he solved all my problems in my life.


I am better. My Legs are better. My cycling is better. My marriage is better. My life is better. How did he do all that? I don’t know really, I think because he was a god like superhuman who can heal things by touching them. He was the second coming. He was he new Jesus, walking on water with his beautiful legs.…

Welcome To The Great Langton Buzzard Cycle Club!

We are here! We are healthy! We enjoy cycling! We are super cool fun and happy! We are bursting at the seems with nervous energy! We cycle. We cycle over hills and along roads. We cycle of those roads and into the forest, then out of that forest and careering into a ravine. DEAD! We cycle over country lines and international borders. We cycle up the hill and we cycle down the hill. And when we are up we are up, and when we down we are down, and when we are neither up or down we are neither up or down.


Cycling is so much fun and here in Langton Buzzard, I love it, Mrs Dagenham loves it, and Steve loves it.

Maybe you’ll love it too!…