Injury! Crisis Averted! (Thanks Liverpool Physio Man!)

Oh word I had a bad one last week. A real big one. A real crazy big bad awful one. A real disaster. A real horror story. A real painful awful nasty big bad nasty time. A big, bad, terrible bike crash. I had a bike crash. That’s what happened. A bike crash. I hurt my leg it was hurty and it hurt.

So there I was, hurt, leg hurting on the inside and on the outside. And my legs are my important things when it comes to cycling. But I have a race thing cycle time soon and want to be ready healthy for it. So I headed to a few physiotherapists but no one seemed to be able to help me out. Then I went all the way to a physio. And all I can say is this: he solved all my problems in my life.


I am better. My Legs are better. My cycling is better. My marriage is better. My life is better. How did he do all that? I don’t know really, I think because he was a god like superhuman who can heal things by touching them. He was the second coming. He was he new Jesus, walking on water with his beautiful legs.